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Are you in search of a stunning and unique decoration for your special event? Look no further than our Organic Balloon Garland!


Our garland is made using balloons of different sizes and can be mixed and matched in a range of colors or arranged in color blocks, depending on your preference. Accented with options like mylar stars, hearts, and corkscrew balloons, our garland is a true showstopper.


Our garlands are attached to a flexible line, making them easy to bend and attach to almost anything, from a staircase railing to the front of a head table. Whether you choose to have us install the garland or pick it up yourself, we'll provide you with tips on how to attach it without damaging any surfaces. It's important to note that our garland is not filled with helium and will not float. However, it's perfect for draping along surfaces and creating a stunning visual effect. We offer traditional garlands made with latex balloons in different sizes, as well as deluxe garlands with additional embellishments like mylar stars, hearts, and corkscrew balloons.


We'll be happy to discuss the options available and help you choose the perfect garland for your event. To get started, simply measure the surface you want to cover and add extra if you'd like the garland to puddle on the floor. Our garlands start at a six-foot section, though we can create longer garlands if needed. There is no discount for volume, so if you need more than 10 feet of garland, order several pieces and leave the total required length in the notes section.


For a limited time, we're offering pick-up specials on our Organic Balloon Garland. Please note that you must arrive with a vehicle big enough to pick up your order, or we'll need to charge you for delivery. If you have any questions about space requirements or the ordering process, don't hesitate to call us ahead of time. Our Traditional Organic Balloon Garland is very easy to pick up and install, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stunning and hassle-free decoration.


    Orangic Balloon Garland

    PriceFrom $100.00
    Excluding Sales Tax |
    • We deliver to Sacramento and the surrounding cities. There is also a free store pickup option at checkout. Delivery is calculated at the checkout.

      Should you receive an error message or "we do not deliver to this location", please text 916-439-7256. We probably deliver to that area and do not have the zip code entered into this new website yet.

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