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Our lollipop balloon designs are perfect for outdoor events. They are mounted on a satin-wrapped pole, which keeps the design rigid. Since the balloons are air-filled, they don't expand in the heat like helium balloons. The ribbons add movement in the breeze, making them a great addition to any event. Please note that they require grass or dirt for set up and can be made to be 4-10 feet tall. We currently have pick-up specials available. To take advantage of this offer, please make sure to arrive with a vehicle large enough to pick up your balloons. If you're not sure about the space needed for your balloon decor, feel free to call ahead and ask. Please remember that we won't be able to help you with delivery if you can't fit the balloons in your vehicle. We must prioritize other deliveries in such cases. Also, please note that if we need to deliver your balloons, you will be charged the total price plus delivery. No exceptions.


PriceFrom $30.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
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